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One More Time for China tariffs

"The United States will implement specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls for Chinese persons and entities related to the acquisition of industrially significant technology, the White House said in a statement.

The final list of covered imports subject to tariffs will be announced by June 15. Those tariffs will take effect "shortly thereafter."

Proposed investment restrictions will be announced by June 30 and also take effect at a later date.


USA always change their idea without restraint from Trump being president.

  1. withdrew the TPP

  2. withdrew the Iran nuclear agreement

  3. Canceled the tariff to China, and impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion of Chinese goods again today.


These actions make the business environment worse and worse. Currently many Chinese companies worry their business with US.

  1. The sales director of one steel factory said that they already stop all export business to US.

  2. DL Light (DL Light is Top 10 flood light factories in China) announce that they have to evaluate the business opportunity with US. In the past 3 years, DL Light export more than 20 containers 150w flood lights, 100w flood lights, T8 tube light, 120W street lights, etc to there.

  3. As the tariff policy is unstable, one of China import companies which main import food from US is reducing the import quantity, and seeking the replace supplier from other Country.


Will you trust US again?


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