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why do customers buy skd led street light skd led flood light?

Many customers buy SKD street lights and SKD floodlights because they offer several advantages over fully assembled lighting products. Here are some reasons why customers may prefer SKD lights:

  1. Lower Cost: Since SKD lights are partially assembled, the manufacturing cost is lower than fully assembled lights, which can make them more affordable for customers. Another reason of save cost, some countires give high import duty for the assembled led flood light and Led street light, the importer buy the SKD street light and flood light will make the improt duty lower to save cost.

  2. Easier Transportation: SKD lights are shipped in a compact form, which makes transportation more efficient and cost-effective. This can be particularly beneficial for customers who need to transport a large number of lights over long distances.

  3. Customizability: With SKD lights, customers have more flexibility to customize the product according to their specific needs. They can choose the components that suit their requirements and assemble the product in a way that best meets their needs.

  4. Technical Knowledge: Customers who have technical knowledge and experience with assembling lighting products may prefer SKD lights because they can have more control over the final product.

Overall, SKD street lights and SKD floodlights can be a good choice for customers who are looking for cost-effective, customizable, and transportable lighting solutions, and who have the necessary technical knowledge to assemble the product.



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