Led Street Light & Led Flood light Manufacturer in China

Our Advantage

DL Light has following advantages:

1. Based on 30 years' management experience, DL Industry Group Limited builds subsidiaries including DL Light and DL scaffolding. It can provide all kinds of scaffolding used for light installation, all kinds of lights and after sales service. DL Industry Group Limited provides finance and management experience to DL light for its flourishing development.
DL Light entered light industry in 2002, described as"quality and service" as the fundamental, developes demestic and international market. It has been become the professional producer who has strong ability of independent research and development, produce, sales and service.

2. 2 factories and 1 sales center, 150+ staff
DL Light has 2 factories in Shenzhen and Zhongshan and 3000+m2 workshop and warehouse.To provide better communication and service, DL light build Tianjin Sales Center. Total has more than 150 staff.

3. Produce and sales 650+ models all kinds of light with different power
DL Light supplies more than 650 models led lights:
(1) more than 280 models 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 700W, 800W, 1000W led flood lights
(2) more than 200 models 10W, 20W, 24W, 30W, 36W, 48W, 50W, 60W, 90W, 100W, 110W, 120W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 220W, 250W, 300W, 350W, 400W, 450W, 500W Led street lights
(3) more than 150 models 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 700W, 800W, 1000W, 1500W led high bay
(4) more than 50 models 8W-1500W explosion-proof light
(5) more than 50 models 3W-400W tubelight and led corn bulb
Meanwhile DL light can produce the light with other power according to customers' requirement.

4. Strong ability of R&D
DL Light owns several models lights with unique design, and cloesely cooperate with die casting factories. We can provide the design service , produce housing and assembled light according to requirement.
In 2017, after dozens of times test, spent more than 50 days, DL light R&D 150lm/w led flood lights and led street lights with unique design which provide much higher luminous efficiency than competitors

5.Service 300+ projects all over the world
DL Light is servicing more than 300 projects in/out of China including supply Led street lights to housing estate in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, etc, supplies Led flood lgihts and led high bay for the Beijing Olympic Game’s stadiums, exportes Led flood lgihts and Led street lights for Japan post-quake reconstruction, etc.

6. Export to 25+ countries
DL Light is exporting/exported to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Indonesia, etc.

7. Pass SGS inspection, RoHS and CE test, follow ISO quality control system
DL light passed SGS inspection, RoHS. Some lights has CE certificate. All DL lights produces following ISO quality control system

8. Reliable quality
DL Light provides 5 years warranty and 100,000 hours lifetime.

9.Establish closely relationship with gloable famous supplier
DL light established closely relationship with Philips, Epitar, Cree, Meanwell, Moso and so one to assure the excellent quality.

10. 1 service center, 7*24 hours after sales service
Service center provides 7*24 after sales service. DL light guarrantees that all feedback will be responsed/solved within 12 hours.



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Email: info@ledlight365.com

Add: Room 709 Unit 5 Build 19, Ruihang Square, Airport Economic Area, Dongli Disctric Tianjin, China

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