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  • Warm white 20W best flood light for backyard-DLFL067
Warm white 20W best flood light for backyard-DLFL067

Warm white 20W best flood light for backyard-DLFL067

  • Power: 20W
  • 20w flood light price: USD1.45/pcs EXW - 13.89/pcs EXW
  • Input voltage: AC85-265V AC
  • Origin: China
  • Product description: As top 10 LED flood light manufacturers in China, we supply 20w LED flood light for sale, offer best price.

DL Light-DL Industry Group Limited is top 10 led flood light manufacturer in China, owns 2 Led Light factories. Good quality, Cheap Price, Excelent Service.

Following is the specfication:

Type of lighting Outdoor Led flood light
Other Name outside Led flood light, landscape Led flood light, exterior Led flood light, garden Led flood light
Power 20W
Input votage AC85-265V, or customized
Frequency 50HZ-60HZ
Size 170*137*35mm
Housing Material Aluminum
Surface Treatment Corrosin proof powder coating spraying
Light Source LED SMD
Power factor >0.95, or customized
Luminous Efficiency 100Lm/W, 120Lm/W, 150Lm/W, or customized
Chip brand Philips Lumileds, Epistar, Cree, or customized
Driver brand Philips, Meanwell, or customized
Color temperature (CCT) 2800K-6500K, Soft white, Warm white, Neutral white, Cool white, Daylight
Working temperature -40ºC~50ºC
Watterproof IP65/IP67
WARRANTY 2/3/5 Years, or customized

20w flood light price: USD1.45/pcs EXW - 13.89/pcs EXW

Specification different, model different, price different. Better price, please Inquiry us.

flood light price

The price of the Led street light with same design and different power:

Backyard 10W outdoor Led waterproof flood light with best price

10w flood light price: USD1.13/pcs EXW - 13.23/pcs EXW

10w flood light price

Warm white 20W best flood light for backyard

20w flood light price: USD1.45/pcs EXW - 13.89/pcs EXW

20w flood light price

Best waterproof 30W outdoor led landscape flood lights

30w flood light price: USD1.97/pcs EXW - 26.99/pcs EXW

30w flood light price

Waterproof 50W exterior led flood lights with best price

50w flood light price: USD2.98/pcs EXW - 30.99/pcs EXW

50w flood light price

100W led outside flood lights with best price

100w flood light price: USD4.29/pcs EXW - 56.98/pcs EXW

100w flood light price

Waterproof 150W outdoor Led industrial flood lights with best price

150w flood light price: USD5.88/pcs EXW –79.88/pcs EXW

150w flood light price

Commercial 200W white outdoorled flood light fixtures with best price

200w flood light price: USD10.98/pcs EXW – 99.83/pcs EXW

200w flood light price

1. Lighting for road, highway
2. Application for parking lot lighting
3. Lighting for Warehouse, yard, plaza and other open area lighting.
4. Lighting for petrol Station
DL Light Advantage:
1. DL Light entered light industry in 2002, DL Light has 15+ years' experience. DL Light is the top 10 LED flood light manufacturer
2. DL Light has 2 factories and 1 sales center, 150+ staff,  can design & produce
led flood light, led street light, solar flood light, solar street light, high bay light, tube light, bulb, etc.
3. Produce and sales 650+ models lights with different power, produce1.4 million pcs/year led flood light, led street light, solar street ight, solar flood light, high bay light, tube light, etc.
4. Strong ability of R&D
5. Service 300+ projects all over the world
6. Export to 25+ countries
7. Pass SGS inspection, RoHS and CE test, follow ISO quality control system
8. Reliable Quality

Why choose this one from us?

DL Industry Group Limited, one of China's top 10 led flood light manufacturers. With two Led Light factories and a commitment to delivering high-quality products at competitive prices, DL Industry Group's one model led flood light stands out as a powerful and efficient lighting solution. Available in several power options ranging from 50W to 500W, this model is the perfect choice for any lighting need.

Developed in 2020, the design of this model sets it apart from other flood lights. With a higher quantity of led chip, it is capable of producing light with greater lumens while generating a smaller thermal value, resulting in improved energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. And with an IP65 waterproof rating, this flood light can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making it the ideal choice for outdoor use. Additionally, the rounded design of this model adds a touch of visual appeal to any space.

Despite its impressive performance and quality components, this led flood light from best led flood light manufacturer is cheap price. This affordability, along with excellent customer service, makes DL Industry Group the clear choice for those seeking a high-quality and cost-effective lighting solution.

In summary, DL Industry Group's led flood light offers quality, reliability, and affordability. With a commitment to producing top-notch products at competitive prices, DL Industry Group is dedicated to providing their customers with the best value possible.



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