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Cobra Street Light

Cobra Street Light


Cobra street lights are the most popular one in the hundreds of models. Cobra street lights have following advantage:

  1. Full power size: 20W, 30W 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W

  2. Cobra street lights can be produced as 2 years’ warranty, 3 years’ warranty, 5 years’ warranty and 7 years’ warranty

  3. Price is cheaper than other model.

  4. Easy to repair


DL Light, as the top quality street light factory, can produce more than 100 models street lights. Cobra street lights are the hot sale models.


DL Light’s partner die casting factory produce the housing of cobra street light. Following is the housing of 100W and 150W.

This the picture of cobra street light’s connect part.


This is the packing.


Loading container for the customers.


Following is the main list of cobra street light

 20W cobra head Led street light for country side

hot sale 50W cobra head Led Street Light

solar and normal Cobra head 30W Led Street Light

60W Cobra head Led Street Light with best price

60W COB Cobra head Led Street Light

80W Led Cobra head Street Light form China street light factory

COB outdoor 100W Led cobra head street lights

Watrerproof 150 watt Led cobra head street lights

200W Led cobra head street lights from manufacturer

250W Led cobra head street lights with 3 years


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