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170lm/w ultra-high brightness Led flood light and street light

170lm/w ultra-high brightness led flood light and street light

In order to provide more eco-friendly and energy-saving lights, DL Light has continuously increased R&D investment in the past few years and established joint laboratories with some die-casting factories, Led chips suppliers and driver manufacturers. Provide exterior design and internal component customization services, meanwhile offer multiple configurations for the same style to meet different customer requirement. Customizable parts include: light housing, power, Led light source, driver, cable, and other accessories.

In 2017, DL Light designed a new cast Led flood lights and Led street lights, and exclusively owned these designs. The new designed Led flood lights and Led street lights have good heatsink, simple structure, reliable quality, and high internal customization. In addition to the novel design, DL Light has undergone dozens of tests and taken more than 50 days. They have successfully increased the luminous efficacy of the lights to more than 150 lm/w, far more than similar products with 5 years warranty guarantees and 100,000 hours lifetime.

DL Light is not satisfied with this and has been making great strides on the road to R&D. In 2018, it has again developed Led street lights with a luminous efficacy of more than 170 lm/w, with a 5-year warranty and 100,000 hours lifetime, meanwhile provide 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and 7 years warranty as per requirement.

DL Light adhering to the "Quality and Service Light the World" business philosophy, continuous innovation, to provide  more and better Lights



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