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Sichuan client visits DL Light factory, confirms new order of 1780pcs 200W flood lights

Sichuan clients visit DL Light factory, confirm new order of 1780pcs 200W flood lights


In last week, the Sichuan clients ordered 820pcs 100W streets lights, that order will be finish within 15days, and send to assigned warehouse. DL Light will give free service for installation to the end user.


To consolidate the relationship with this clients, DL Light invites them, total 5 people, to visit their light factory in Shenzhen. They arrive in the morning of May 14, 2018. The sales director, Leon, escorts the 5 people to visit the test room, lab, and assemble workshop. The staffs are producing the 820pcs 100W street lights with sensor. The client randomly take 2 pcs from the finished products, and test it. They get the excellent test report: 120lm/w, pf>0.95, Ra: 80. They very satisfy with it


After the testing, the clients inform DL Light for their new 1780pcs 200W flood lights. The sales director, Leon,(email: leon@ledlight365.com) give 3 models which meet the requirement. The Sichuan client confirm the order, and sign the contract. The advance payment for this lot 200W flood lights will be transfer on May 16, 2018



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