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Hot sale 150w flood lights

Hot sale 150w flood lights

We have recommended 50w flood light in the news titled Recommendation of 50W flood lights and 100w flood light titled Recommended best 100W flood lights.

To provide better service, here we give some suggestion for hot sale 150w flood lights. 150 watt flood lights usually be used for lighting the landscape, parking lot, mounted on the pole, etc. Compared with the bulbs with same power, 150w flood lights can provide more efficiency, and save much more power.

1. The most fashionable flood light: 150W led flood light unique design high power


This model can provide 2 colors in grey and black, provide 3 years warranty, 5 years warranty and 7 years warranty. The driver is coming from Philips, Meanwell, Maso, which can provide good and stable quality.PF> 0.95. It can provide 110lm/w, 130lm/w and 150lm/w as required.

The customers who need unique and fashion design will choose this model.

This model also provide 150W Led flood light unique design high power, 200W Led flood light, 300W module Led flood light, 400W module Led flood light, 960W high power industrial Led flood light for sale.

2. The most reliable flood light:  150W waterproof outdoor Led flood light


DL Light(top 10 flood light factory) export this model to Russia, Vietnam, Ghana, Kenya, Middle East, Korea, Italy, etc. All these 100w flood lights work very well no matter in the very high temperature area or in the cold area.

3, The most multipurpose 100W flood light: 150W led security flood light


This model 100 watt flood light is combined with two 50W module. It can be used like the normal flood lights, and also can be mounted on the pole working like the street light, meanwhile this model also can work like the spot light used 60 degree beam angle lens.



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