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How to repair outdoor LED Led flood lights—many pictures and detailed steps

How to repair outdoor LED led flood lights—many pictures and detailed steps

Outdoor LED Led flood lights’ housings are generally made of pure aluminum shells or aluminum alloy, because long-term lighting requires sufficient aluminum parts to dissipate heat, so the cost of construction is higher than that of ordinary lamps. It is a pity to lose them if they are damaged. As long as you can replace the accessories yourself, you can repair it yourself, and follow it step by step.

Dismantling process

1. Open the LED flood light. Unscrew all the screws to open it.

2. Solder the necrotic lamp bead. (How to determine if the lamp is bad, the spotlight is only slightly bright. If it is flashing, the drive power is broken.)

3. Buy a new integrated lamp back, give the lamp beads a spot of polarity soldering, and easily solder the wire. The reference picture shows the positive and negative electrodes. (For power of the light, DL Light can produce 10W outdoor led flood lights, 20W outdoor led flood lights, 30W outdoor led flood lights, 50W outdoor led flood lights, 100W outdoor led flood lights, 150W outdoor led flood lights, 200W outdoor led flood lights, 300W outdoor led flood lights, 400W outdoor led flood lights, 500W outdoor led flood lights, 600W outdoor led flood lights, etc)

4. Install new lamp beads and weld the wires. The red wire welds the positive "+" and the black wire welds the negative "-"

5. Assembled as it was.

6. Take care of the wires, be sure to pay attention to safety, be sure to turn off the switch and then connect the wires to avoid electric shock. (I'm receiving a temporary terminal for temporary use in the picture)

7. Make sure the wiring is OK after turning on the switch. A new spotlight came out. Can it save a lot of money?



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