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DL Light produces 50W solar flood lights

DL Light produces 50W solar flood lights

Compared with the normal flood lights, the solar flood lights has some different parts as below:

1. Driver: the input power of the driver of normal flood lights is AC 85V-2656V, but the solar one is DC 12V, or DC 26V.2. Battery: solar flood lights must be combined with battery to save the solar power.

3. Solar panel: it is the power source.

4. Sensor: some solar flood lights have the sensor for theirs automation working.

DL Light produces 50w solar flood lights with 5 years warranty. The light can work more than 12 hours without any sunshine. The battery lifetime is more than 100,000 hours.

The battery of the solar flood Lights

Test the flood lights before sending to customers.

DL Light provides neutral packing for it, meanwhile DL Light can OEM as requirement.



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