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DL Light teach you how to choose Led flood light

DL Light teach you how to choose led flood light

If you are not professional people in light industry, you may confused how to choose right lights. Here Senior Engineer, Mr. Xiao, from DL Light, share some basic knowledge about it:

1. You shall know the different name of the flood light such as outdoor flood light, outside Led flood light, landscape Led flood light, exterior Led flood light, garden Led flood light
2. When you inquiry it, you may meet suppliers using different name. You shall know that they are same.
3. If you plan to import from China, you shall pay attention to the input power of the light. If your local voltage is 110V AC, you shall tell it to your Lights supplier, The lights supplier will adjust the input power of lights’ driver.
4. You shall confirm how much Watt you need. For the flood lights, DL Light can produce 10W to 2000W flood light.
5. Requirement of driver: if you have requirement about the driver, please let your suppliers know it. For e.g, you must need to use Meanwell or Philips Driver. Or you must need PF>0.95, etc. This factors will make price up or down, so share the idea to suppliers.

6. Requirement of LED Chips: same with driver.

7. Quantity: you shall confirm your quantity. DL Light’s quotation will be offered according to quantity.
8. If you have pictures of the lights, please send to the light suppliers. It will save your time.
9. Your requirement about warranty: 2 years, 3 years, 5 years. Please confirm it. Here DL Light remind you that please don’t always choose the 5 years because it will increase cost, just choose the right warranty time which match you.
10. Other specification: If you have requirement about detail of specification such size, weight, connection diameter, RA, LM/W, etc, please also advise the lights manufacturers. If you are not sure about it, you can feel free to contact DL Light(www.ledlight365.com), or email us info@ledlight365.com. We are happy to support you at any time.

DL Light can produce the flood lights as clients’ requirement. All our flood lights can be customized with different driver, chips, warranty, etc. Meanwell DL Light’s 150 people team will give professional suggestion about your lights to save your cost and time.



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