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Trump hits China with tariffs, Chinese companies meet the more challenges.

Trump hits China with tariffs, Chinese companies meet the more challenges

Latest month, the business environment was becoming wore and wore. Here let us see back the news:
1. Trump hit China with tariffs on March 22. China gave it back in almost same value.
2. To keep US dollar more valuable, and to stimulate US local market, Fed increase interested, and it will continue to increase.
3. The US dollar index rebound from the bottom 89.1226(Jan. 31, 2018) to more than 93.30 in this week.
4. Trump withdraws US from Iran nuclear deal, the Brent crude increase 1.5%.

Many people cannot understand the relation between above news and international business. Some examples explain the challenges which we are facing:
1. Lot of Chinese factories and companies have to stop of their export business to US. Many Chinese factories provide OEM and assembling service for the global brand like Philips, Apple, etc. The higher tariffs make Chinese local factories loss the advantage of cost. One of the DL Light has to stop the order of 1200pcs 150W flood lights for US market.

2. The CNG price will increase according to the crude oil. It will also make the cost increase for factories. The paper manufacturers in Fujian have receive the notification of CNG price increase in this week.
3. The RMB devaluation leads to the import cost increase. The electronic chip import will pay more RMB17.5 Billion (China import 377 billion pcs integrated circuits valued RMB1756.1 billion)
4. Others: A. stop business with Iran, B. the price of electronic products will increase especially like mobile phone, etc

How do we make us much stronger to win the business war?



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