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Get the Best Price on 200W Flood Lights from a Top LED Lighting Manufacturer

As a top 10 LED lighting manufacturer in China, DL Industry Group provides high quality and competitively priced 200W flood lights for residential, commercial and industrial applications. In this article, we will discuss the components that make up the price of 200W flood lights, tips for getting the lowest prices, and highlight some of our most popular 200W models that offer excellent performance at affordable prices.

DL Industry Group has over 15 years of experience in the LED lighting industry and owns two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We have the scale and capabilities to produce top-rated LED products at wholesale volumes while maintaining strict quality control standards. Our commitment to innovation and low-cost manufacturing allow us to pass significant savings directly to our customers. Keep reading to discover how you can benefit from partnering with a trusted LED lighting brand like DL Industry Group for your 200W flood light needs.

Understanding the Components of Flood Light Pricing

When sourcing 200W flood lights from international suppliers, it's important to understand all the factors that contribute to the total cost. The base EXW (ex works) factory price set by the manufacturer is only one part of the overall pricing. Here are the main components you can expect to see:

  • EXW Price: This is the base wholesale price set by the manufacturer for collection of goods from their factory or warehouse. DL Industry Group prides itself on offering aggressive EXW pricing to pass the most savings to customers.

  • Local Charges: This covers inland transportation and initial handling fees to bring products to the nearest port or airport for export. DL Industry Group can minimize these costs due to our factories being located near major shipping hubs.

  • Sea Freight: Shipping containers across oceans to your target market region. Rates fluctuate frequently based on fuel costs and supply/demand for cargo space.

  • Insurance: Mandatory coverage in case of losses or damages during international transit.

  • Import Duties: Taxes imposed by the government of the importing country. Can range significantly depending on origin of goods and product category.

  • Final Delivery: Cost of moving products from the arrival port to your designated warehouse or job site.

  • Profit Margin: What the seller marks up the total cost price to earn a profit. Most reputable manufacturers aim for 10-20% margin.

Getting the Best Price on 200W Flood Lights from DL Industry Group

Now that you understand the components, here are some key ways to maximize your savings when purchasing 200W flood lights from DL Industry Group:

  • Directly contact our sales team for a custom quote based on your volume requirements rather than relying on generic website prices. We offer better pricing for wholesale bulk orders.

  • Consider sea or air freight consolidation services if importing multiple smaller orders annually. This combines shipments to lower per-unit transportation costs.

  • Negotiate discounts for prepaying sea or air freight costs rather than paying on a collect basis which adds fees.

  • Ask about special promotions or trade show special offers that may further drop prices during certain periods.

  • Finance requests get preferential pricing and flexible payment terms if import volumes each year exceed $100,000 USD.

  • Select ENERGY STAR or DLC certified models which may qualify for utility rebates or tax incentives in your region to lower the effective costs.

Now let's explore some of our most popular 200W flood light options that deliver big performance at competitive price points:

200W led flood light Model DLFL-200

Our entry-level 200W flood light is the highly affordable DLFL-200 which gives users the opportunity to upgrade their sites with smart, efficient LED lighting on a tight budget.

Key features of the DLFL-200 include:

  • Rated for 200W input power (max) with a constant current LED driver
  • Delivers over 20,000 lumens at full power for bright flood lighting
  • 3000K-6000K color temperatures available with a CRI over 70
  • Type 3 aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens provides long-lasting durability even in extreme conditions
  • 5 year warranty backed by our exemplary after-sales support

With a wholesale EXW price starting from just $9.98 each for orders over 100 units, the DLFL-200 gives you incredible value and performance for basic area illumination needs.

200W LED Flood Light Model DLFL-210

For applications requiring higher lumen packages and longer lifetime, we recommend stepping up to our mid-range DLFL-210 model.

Key features of the DLFL-210:

  • Rated for 200W max input while delivering over 22,000 lumen output
  • High efficiency LED chip sets maintain 80+ lumen maintenance at 80,000 hours
  • Type 4 waterproofing rated for complete protection even in heavy downpours
  • Dimmable driver option for energy savings or dynamic lighting control
  • 5 year warranty standard plus optional 10 year warranty for long-term peace of mind

Priced starting at $10.68 each for a minimum order of 100 units, the DLFL-210 is a smart upgrade over basic competitors when factor value and runtime costs are considered over the life of the installation.

200W LED Flood Light Model DLFL-220

For mission critical applications where maximum robustness, visibility and performance are required, the industrial-grade DLFL-220 is the clear choice.

Key highlights of this premium 200W flood light model:

  • Narrow 4 degrees beam angle concentrates light over long ranges for security applications
  • Delivers a massive 30,000+ lumen output for floodlighting large areas
  • Utilizes Samsung LM301B LED chips selected for 150 lumens per watt efficiency
  • IK10 impact rated housing withstands extreme weather, damage and vibrations
  • Standard 5 year warranty or optional 10 year warranty available
  • Dimming, occupancy and photosensor control options available

Priced from $12.38 each for a minimum order of 100 units, the feature-packed DLFL-220 offers increased visibility, performance and lifetime benefits to easily justify the higher initial cost.

Industry Leading Warranties and Service

In addition to aggressive pricing, DL Industry Group strives to be the most dependable partner through our industry-leading warranties and after-sales support system. Our standard 5-year product warranties provide customers with long-term assurance of our product quality and performance.

Additionally, we offer several optional extended warranty plans up to 10 years that are the most comprehensive in the market. Even after the warranty term expires, our repair and retrofit support helps customers maximize the lifetime of their lighting investment.

With two factories located near major Chinese ports and a large global logistics network, we ensure fast delivery times and minimal downtime from faults covered under warranty. By handling all warranty and service needs from start to finish, we deliver simply the best customer experience in the LED lighting industry.

Brand You Can Trust for 200W Flood Lights and More

For over 15 years, DL Industry Group has established itself as a global leader in high-quality yet affordably priced outdoor and industrial LED lighting solutions. When you need durable, emission 200W flood lights that offer reliable performance and energy savings, trust an industry pioneer like DL to deliver complete satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on developing long-term supplier partnerships through open communications, flawless order fulfillment and attentive after-sales support. Give us an opportunity to provide an itemized quote customized to your specific volume and application needs today. You’ll soon understand why organizations worldwide consider DL Industry Group their preferred lighting brand.



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