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How to choose LED flood light?

How to choose led flood light?

LED flood light is an essential part of LED outdoor lighting. Its IP65 waterproof grade can fully adapt to the normal use of indoor and outdoor humidity environment, especially for the landscape of building buildings, outdoor plazas, landscapes and Walls and display products are suitable for outdoor lighting and lighting of buildings, courtyards, museums, displays, stadiums, squares, and piers. They are also used for pavilions, flowers, trees, parks, pathways, bridges, etc. Landscape lighting project.

The LED market is booming, and the Chinese follow the trend. New industries can get a cup of tea, so no matter what is good or bad, selling can be king! This is the heart of a businessman. So what are the quality of LED lighting products on the market, what is the price, the customer's eyes may not be able to distinguish between true and false, here teach a few strokes to choose methods for lighting lamps to everyone.

First, pick the led flood lights, be sure to carefully look for manufacturers. Don't be greedy and don't believe in the legend of the 7-year, 10-year warranty. These are some of the non-deliverable rhetoric that companies that did not exist a year or two later. The normal warranty period for normal manufacturers is 2 years. To select products with product certificates that have their own patents, product quality is guaranteed, and DL Light is a professional outdoor lighting manufacturer that has obtained the national patent certificate and is trustworthy.

Second, look at the led flood lights itself, whether the design meets its own requirements. The overall appearance is preferably small in size, light in weight and bright in light. Look at the major modules of the lamp:

1. Thermal design. Thermal material, 6063 aviation aluminum is the best choice, not only attractive appearance, heat dissipation is more powerful, pay attention to observe whether the heat sink has the corresponding thickness and surface area, because the heat is mainly dissipated from the heat sink, so the heat sink is very important. The three basic methods of heat dissipation technology and heat transfer of the lamp housing are: conduction, convection and radiation. Thermal management also starts from these three aspects and is divided into transient analysis and steady state analysis. Most lighting fixtures use high-power LEDs. At present, the light efficiency of commercial high-power LEDs is only 15% to 30%, and most of the remaining energy is converted into heat energy. If heat energy cannot be discharged effectively, it will lead to serious consequences. With more than 10 years of experience in heat-dissipating technology, DL Light's led flood lights use unique modular heat dissipation technology to break through the bottlenecks of conventional lamps.

2. Chip

Mention of the chip everyone will think of several famous brands GREE, Epistar, Sanan. Then the package, if you do a Cree chip and then do it with a rough package, it is not enough, so a good chip is also a good package factory packaged.

3. Driver

LED lamps must be equipped with high-quality, high-efficiency drive power. The life of the power supply directly affects the overall life of the lamp, and the specific consulting business is concerned with the various parameters of the driver, such as the output voltage, current, and operating temperature. DL Light selection of Philips, Meanwell power and other well-known manufacturers

Third, after sales service

The warranty period and technical guidance are the manufacturers' guarantees for the business. This is also a factor that can not be ignored in the selection of led flood lights. DL Light has a dedicated after-sales service center to ensure that customer feedback can get feedback within 12 hours.



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