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3 Best 250W LED Flood Lights for Outdoor and Industrial Applications

Choosing the right led flood light for your outdoor or industrial application can be an important decision. While there are many options on the market today, not all flood lights are created equal. Quality, durability, energy efficiency, and value are all important factors to consider. In this article, we will explore 3 of the top 250W LED flood light models from DL Industry Group Limited, a top 10 LED flood light manufacturer based in China.

DL Industry Group Limited has been an industry leader for over 15 years, owning two LED lighting factories and producing over 1.4 million LED fixtures annually. As a major exporter with sales to over 25 countries, they have earned a strong reputation for high quality, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Let's take a closer look at 3 of their top 250W LED flood light options.

Model DLFL115 - 250W Industrial LED Flood Lights

The Model DLFL115 is an ideal choice for industrial applications requiring high output lighting such as large warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parking structures, and exterior commercial areas. It produces a wide flood of bright white light from its 28 SMD LED array, providing excellent visibility over a large area.

Key features of the DLFL115 include:

  • Powerful 250W output (equivalent to 1000W HID fixture)
  • Contemporary aluminum housing with corrosion resistant powder coating
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to 50°C for use in all climates
  • IP65/67 weatherproof rating for outdoor/industrial environments
  • 110-265V universal voltage input and high 0.95 power factor
  • Type III anodized aluminum heat sink for maximum heat dissipation
  • 5,000 hour rated lifespan on the high quality LEDs and driver
  • 120lm/W luminous efficiency and a wide beam angle flood distribution
  • 5 year warranty through DL Industry Group for long term peace of mind

Priced very competitively at just $30.17 each for bulk orders direct from the manufacturer, the DLFL115 provides tremendous value and energy savings compared to traditional HID fixtures requiring frequent and expensive lamp replacements. Its rugged and weatherproof housing also means low maintenance costs.

Model DLFL084 - 250W Outdoor LED Flood Light

For general purpose outdoor area lighting needs, the DLFL084 model from DL Industry Group is an excellent all-around 250W flood light solution. With the same high power output as industrial fixtures, it provides comfortable bright white light perfect for illuminating landscapes, parking lots, building exteriors, and more.

Key specs of the DLFL084 include:

  • High efficiency 120-150lm/W LED array with IP65 weather resistance
  • Versatile AC85-265V input works worldwide without voltage conversion
  • Modern asymmetric optic projects light at 120° for wide coverage
  • Die cast aluminum housing is corrosion and rust resistant
  • Operating temperature rated -40°C to 50°C for use in extreme climates
  • Daisy chain dimming functionality via integrated drivers
  • Replaceable common consumer lamp type for future upgrades
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty and support from DL Industry Group

At just $22.38 per unit for bulk orders, the DLFL084 delivers incredible value and energy savings compared to traditional lighting technologies. And with a lifespan rating up to 50,000 hours, maintenance costs are virtually eliminated over the long run as well.

Model DLFL038 - 250W Warm White Security LED Flood Light

For applications requiring a warmer white light tone and added security features, DL Industry Group's DLFL038 model is a top choice. Built specifically for perimeter lighting, parking lots, and areas requiring added visibility and deterrence.

Key attributes of the DLFL038 include:

  • Elegant contemporary housing is discreet yet durable at 520x325x180mm
  • Warm white 3000K LEDs provide softer, more flattering light for security
  • Motion sensor activates light and optional 2-way audio for added protection
  • Ultra high CRI >80 and R9 > 60 for best color rendering of objects and signs
  • IP65 protection withstands rain, snow, dust and moisture intrusion
  • Dual head design projects light at 100° and 180° for maximum coverage
  • Integrated photo control offers daylight sensing for energy optimization
  • Long life 100,000 hour LEDs and driver rated for 50,000 hours
  • 120lm/W efficiency delivers max brightness on 250W input power
  • App control and optional WiFi upgrade allows remote access

Priced at just $21.76 each for bulk orders, the DLFL038 security flood light's advanced features are available at a price that rival's traditional security lighting. Its triple threat of bright white light, motion activation, and audio alarm provides peace of mind at low operational cost.

Why Choose DL Industry Group?

In summary, DL Industry Group Limited offers best-in-class quality, value, and support on their portfolio of 250W LED flood lights. As a top 10 global manufacturer exporting to over 25 countries, they have over 15 years of experience designing, engineering and mass producing high power commercial and industrial fixtures.

Their two state-of-the-art LED lighting factories allow for fast delivery of bulk orders and full manufacturing control over every process from SMT to powder coating. Customers can feel confident in best-in-class standards being upheld.

Through continual investment in R&D and stringent quality control systems, DL Industry Group ensures all products meet or exceed industry standards for performance, efficiency and durability. This includes certifications like CE, RoHS, and SGS testing.

Perhaps most importantly, DL Industry Group stands behind their products with comprehensive 5 year warranties and a dedicated customer support team offering application guidance, after sales service and technical assistance globally. Customers will never feel alone should any issues arise down the road.

For forward looking companies seeking sustainable, high quality lighting solutions for outdoor commercial applications and industrial facilities, the 250W LED flood lights from DL Industry Group hit the trifecta of performance, value and peace of mind that is hard to beat in today's competitive LED lighting marketplace. Reliable products delivered at affordable prices by a global leader in large scale manufacturing—it's a partnership delivering real long term value.



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