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The 5 Best 200W LED Flood Lights on the Market

When it comes to high power outdoor lighting solutions, 200W led flood lights are a very popular option. They provide extremely bright illumination over a wide area while being more energy efficient than traditional lighting technologies. As one of the top manufacturers of LED lighting products, DL Industry Group Limited offers a range of excellent 200W LED flood light models that are suitable for a variety of applications. In this article, we will review their 5 best 200W LED flood light models to help you determine which one is right for your needs.

LED Flood Light Model #1 - DLFL002

The DLFL002 is DL Industry Group Limited's most basic 200W LED flood light. It has a simple yet durable aluminum housing and delivers 200 lumens of bright, cool white light from the array of high-power LEDs inside. This makes it perfect for lighting up open areas like parking lots, playgrounds, or warehouse loading docks.

Some key features of the DLFL002 include:

  • Rated for outdoor use with an IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Operates on universal 85-265V input voltage
  • Narrow 360x300mm size for easy installation
  • 150lm/W LED efficiency delivers 30,000 lumen output
  • Quality Philips driver for reliable performance
  • 5 year warranty for long-lasting peace of mind

Priced very competitively at just $9.98 each for larger orders, the DLFL002 is an affordable basic solution when you need bright flood lighting on a budget. Its simple yet durable design makes it a top choice for basic commercial and industrial applications.

LED Flood Light Model #2 - DLFL083

For applications requiring a more customized solution, the DLFL083 flood light is a great option. As DL Industry Group Limited's most customizable 200W model, it allows for flexible configuration of key features:

  • Power output can be adjusted from 50% to 100% as needed
  • Wide selection of color temperatures from warm white to daylight
  • High-quality Philips, Mean Well or Done brand drivers
  • Extra wide 350x350mm heat sink for excellent thermal performance
  • IP67 fully waterproof rating suitable for even wet locations

The customizable design of the DLFL083 makes it well-suited for unique project specifications that off-the-shelf lights can't meet. Its excellent heat dissipation also ensures reliable long-term performance even in high ambient temperatures. And at only a small premium over the basic model, the added value of customization makes the DLFL083 a top choice for sophisticated lighting applications and installations.

LED Flood Light Model #3 - DLFL053

For applications where a super low-profile design is important, the DLFL053 is hard to beat. Measuring just 65mm thick, it installs almost flush to surfaces like walls or poles. This ultra-thin profile makes it perfect for accent lighting landscaping, signs, pathways and outdoor decor while being nearly invisible when installed.

Some key attributes of the incredibly thin DLFL053 include:

  • Super compact 360x350x65mm dimensions
  • Reduced glare distribution improves light control
  • High power SMD LEDs fitted with precision optical lenses
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to 50°C
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty for long life

Capable of illuminating very large areas from its low profile, the DLFL053 is an excellent choice when aesthetics and subtlety are priorities in the lighting design. Its high quality performance also makes it suitable for commercial use in applications like stadium lighting and outdoor retail spaces.

LED Flood Light Model #4 - DLFL013

For applications requiring maximum intensity over large outdoor areas like sports fields, the DLFL013 model delivers exceptional power and performance. It features a larger than normal 470x360x60mm housing containing a very high powered LED array.

Key Attributes:

  • Output of 30,000 lumens, 150 lumens per watt efficiency
  • Stable 300-500m beam distance with precise photometry
  • Premium German brand driver and high CRI Philips LEDs
  • Aircraft grade aluminum housing is IP65 water resistant
  • Heat treated, powder coated finish lasts for many years

Thanks to its oversized thermal design and high-end components, the DLFL013 provides extremely intense yet evenly distributed illumination over huge areas. It's an excellent choice for illuminating gigantic outdoor spaces like stadiums, industrial zones, and construction sites where maximum lighting power is essential.

LED Flood Light Model #5 - DLFL044

The DLFL044 model offers an attractive blend of aesthetics, power and practical features for landscape and architectural lighting applications. Some highlights include:

  • Sleek white color complements any modern outdoor decor
  • Wide beam 120° angle for illuminating facades and plantings
  • Uniform COB LED array with no hotspots or dark areas
  • Integrated photocell and automatic timer functions
  • Reliable operation in temperatures from -30°C to 50°C

Capable of highlighting architectural features, signage or foliage with a soft yet powerful glow, the DLFL044 is perfect for residential and commercial landscape up-lighting. Its integrated controls also provide convenient automatic operation. For beautifying outdoor living and work spaces, it's a very practical choice.


Whether you need basic flood lighting, maximum power, precise control or aesthetics - DL Industry Group Limited has a top-rated 200W LED flood light solution. As a leading Chinese manufacturer with an impressive global client base, you can be sure of receiving a high-performance product along with exceptional service and support. For brilliant yet efficient outdoor lighting, their lineup of 200W LED flood lights is definitely worth consideration.



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