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How to repair outdoor LED Led street lights

Led street lights are now commonplace but can require repairs. This guide will walk you through the process with labeled photos for each component. Let's get started!

Step 1: Turn Off Power at Light Fixture
Locate the power junction box and switch the circuit breaker to the "OFF" position. Tag it to warn others.

Step 2: Open Junction Box Lid
Remove any screws and swing the lid open. You'll see wiring that powers the light.

Step 3: Disconnect Wiring Components
Use wire strippers to expose copper and disconnect connectors joining wiring to the drivers inside.

Step 4: Remove Driver Enclosure
Unscrew the grey driver box housing the electronics. It may require two people to lift out.

Step 5: Inspect Driver Board Components
Look for burnt areas, loose solder joints or blown fuses on the circuit board that controls the LEDs.

Step 6: Replace Damaged Driver Components
Solder in new fuses or chips as needed, check all solder joints are secure with a magnifying glass.

Step 7: Reinstall Driver, Reconnect Wiring
Replace the driver into the junction box and secured. Reconnect wiring harness pieces together.

Step 8: Close Junction Box, Power On
Replace lid, screws then toggle the breaker back to the "ON" position to test repairs.

Let me know if any part of the repair process needs further explanation! Street lighting is a specialty of mine.



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