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why people like to use solar flood light instead of traditional flood light

There are several key reasons why more and more people are choosing solar flood lights over traditional electric flood lights:

Sustainability - Solar lights are a renewable energy option that's better for the environment. They don't require wiring or running extension cords outside. This makes solar the eco-friendly path.

Lower Costs - While solar panels and batteries have a higher upfront cost, you don't pay any electricity bills to power the lights. Over many years of usage, solar ends up saving money compared to wired fixtures.

Convenience - With solar, you don't need an electrician to install wiring outside. You can easily mount the lights yourself where you want lighting. The panels charge automatically during the day too.

Reliability - Modern solar lights are made to last and work flawlessly for up to 10-15 years. While an electrical wiring job outdoors or floodlight fixture could develop issues sooner needing repairs.

Safety - There are no exposed electric cables or sockets like with wired lights. So solar fixtures reduce risks of electric shocks which is safer especially for children playing outside.

Remoteness - For properties far off utility lines, running wiring can become cost prohibitive. But solar remains powered and working in any remote location, backyard, field or mountain trail.

Overall, solar flood lighting provides maximum convenience, lower costs and greater peace of mind in the long run compared to hardwired electric alternatives, especially for outdoor spaces. Their popularity is well justified for homeowners seeking smart and sustainable outdoor illumination solutions.



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