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The Advantage and Disadvantage of China Solar Street Lights

The Advantage and Disadvantage of China Solar street lights


More and more customers choose the solar street lights to replace the normal one. The solar street lights have following advantage:

  1. Save power: solar street lights are powered by sun instead of normal electric. These kinds of lights save 100% electric (if it is total powered by solar system)

  2. Save the cost of installation. When the engineers install the normal street lights, they have to ditch to put cable. It is about 20%-40% of total installation cost. But if you choose the solar street lights, you will save it.

  3. The solar street lights are much safer than normal one. They are powered by 12V-36V DV instead of 110V-240V AC.

  4. The solar street lights protect environment indirectly.

  5. Reducing light pollution. Almost all the solar street lights have the motion or infrared sensor. When people come to the lights, the lights will be brighter. No people under the lights, they will darken to save power.

  6. The Chinese solar street lights have competitive price compared with other countries.


The solar street lights also have disadvantage:

  1. The first cost of solar street light is higher than the normal light. The solar street light includes all the parts of normal light, solar panel and battery, so the unite price is higher.

  2. The solar street lights can only used in the good weather area. If the area always no sunshine in several day continuous, the solar panel will cannot receive enough power.

  3. The repairing cost is higher than normal lights because they have many high-tech parts inside.



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