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how to choose right 100w led street light

The first thing to consider is the application and area you need to illuminate. For lighting roads, highways or large parking lots, a 100W Led street light would be a good choice to provide strong, bright illumination over a wide area.

Next, look at specifications like lumen output, beam angle and color temperature. For roads, you'll want a street light with a beam spread of between 120-150 degrees for uniform lighting. A neutral or daylight color temperature of 5000K-6000K is best for visibility. Ask suppliers about lumen packages - higher is better for lighting large zones.

Check that the housing and drivers are rated for wet locations and extreme temperatures if used outdoors. An IP65 or IP66 waterproof rating is essential. The housing material also matters - die cast aluminum is durable enough for long-term use.

Carefully consider things like compliance with IEC/UL standards, operating voltage range, power factor and warranty periods. Choose a reputed brand with a 3-5 year warranty minimum for long lifespan and trouble-free use.

Cost is always a factor but don't just go for the cheapest option. Consider the total cost of ownership over years of use. Brand leaders may cost more initially but deliver max energy savings and require very little maintenance down the road.

I'd be happy to recommend some specific 100W LED street light models from our product range that are extremely popular for applications like highway on/off ramps, rural roads, parking zones and more based on the parameters you shared. Feel free to provide more details on your needs.



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