Led Street Light & Led Flood light Manufacturer in China


Cheapest Street Lights from China street light factory

Cheapest Street Lights from China street light factory


Some area need good quality street lights with very low price. To meet customers’ requirement, DL Light develop new street lights with following advantage:

1.  Price: this model is the cheapest street light in China.

2. Warranty: 2 years warranty, or 3 years warrnaty

3. Efficiency: 100lm/w same with other street lights.

4. This model has lens to save more power.

5. Input power: 85-265V AV


Now DL Light produce it more than 5000pcs/month, and export to Africa, Asia, etc. This model can be make:

  1. Cheapest 30 W street lights

  2. 40W street lights

  3. 50 Watt cheapest street lights

  4. 60W and 80W cheapest street lights

  5. 100W street light with cheapest price

  6. 120W street light


And one has demand, please feel free to contact us. Email: leon@ledlight365.com



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