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Do Chinese Companies only Know to Copy the Famous Brand?

Do Chinese Companies only Know to Copy the Famous Brand?


As the young and famous Chinese local mobile phone brand, Xiaomi unveiled three new phones, Xiaomi Mi 8, Mi 8 Se, Mi 8 Explorer in last week, but it is almost a Apple phone.

1.      The phones feature a full-sized notch at the top of the display. The Iphone X uses this technology first.

2.      FaceID is used on Mi Explorer also coming Iphone X.

3.      Animoji is copy again.


Compared with the Apple, Xiaomi is young and small company, but it is very big Chinese company now. All new phones copy others is not a good way to live. Xiaomi also R&D some new technology such as under display fingerprint reader.


Besides Xiaomi, Zhongtai Moto is another famous local brand which is professional at copy. The Zhongtai SR9 copy the Porsche. Tencent QQ copy from OICQ. The top 10 flood light factory,DL Light, re-design the flood light similar to Philips, but better than Philips. Tencent’ QQ is much better than OICQ.


So Is it copy right? 



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